Kambaku Lodge Short Film

I am proud and happy to be able to post this today. A short film about Kambaku, a beautiful Lodge in Namibia, of which I was lucky enough to score the music, is now out and about. A lot of people to thank, including my amazing friend and director of this, Alkmini Boura and of course my lovely (and ridiculously talented!) ‘Mosaic Singers’ who once again amazed me after sight-reading the whole thing and recording it in the interval of our regular weekly practice. Score to be published soon (but email me if you’d like it sooner).

Here it is:



Heimlich’s official selections in festivals world-widely and awards!

Heimlich, Short-Thriller, 2017
We’re happy to announce that our film “Heimlich” has been officially selected in the following international festivals and has been nominated for and won the following awards:

Awarded as Officially selected by
Best Cinematography runner-up
Bucharest Film Awards

International Short Film Festival in Drama
Drama, Greece

Best Original Score runner-up
Bucharest Film Awards
Athens International Film Festival
Athens, Greece
Best Greek Short Film winner
Bridges International Film Festival
Bucharest Film Awards
Bucharest, Romania
Best Fantasy Short nominee
Genre Celebration Festival
Bridges International Film Festival
Corinth and Nafpio, Greece
Best Visual Effects nominee
Genre Celebration Festival
Thunderdance Film Festival
London, United Kingdom
Cinematic Achievement Award winner
TiSFF, Thess International Short Film Festival
Genre Celebration Festival
Shangai, China
 Best Actor finalist
Alternative Film Festival
Los Angeles CineFest
Los Angeles, United States
  TiSFF, Thess International Short Film Festival
Thessaloniki, Greece
  FIFF-Filmstrip International Film Festival
Iasi, Romania
  Alternative Film Festival
Toronto, Canada
  International Peace & Film Festival
Orlando – Florida, United States
  Hellas Filmbox Berlin
Berlin, Germany
  Artfools Video Festival
Larissa, Greece
  Athens International Digital Film Festival
Athens, Greece
  Moving Pictures Festival
Antwerp, Belgium
First Selection
  China International New Media Short Film Festival
Shenzhen, China
First Selection

The True Sun

This is a Boethius’s poem “The True Sun”, from “The Consolation of Philosophy”, set to music and arranged for Bristol University Schola Cantorum, commissioned for the RMA conference in Bristol, January 2015. It was performed and recorded by Schola Cantorum, conducted by Emma Hornby.