Finger Puppet Piano

Finger Puppet Piano is a free online music sheet database for little children that are enthusiastic about playing the piano! It does not require any musical knowledge! You will only need 7 colours (as many as the notes we will be using)  and ideally 7 white stickers (see video) and one finger puppet. Then, you download the music sheet and you are ready to go.



Finger Puppet Piano
 was created as an initiative during the COVID-19 lockdown, to inspire young children unravel their musical talents (and also keep them off screen!). It is based on Kostis’s Piano & Colours method and it’s very simple to understand and follow, requiring minimum parent involvement. The idea is that we upload a new nursery rhyme (or other well known melodies)
every week, starting on May 1st 2020. Please feel free to keep in touch and request songs that you would like us to upload. Also, any feedback is welcome.


Finger Puppet Piano database is, and always will be, free.

Here’s how to set up your piano with colours. 😉

 Week 1, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: Level 1Level 2Level 3

And here’s the video on how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”